Unipipe Videos

View the below links to Unipipe videos for an overview of the Unipipe Aluminum Piping System

Unipipe videos on pipe burst show the power of air and the power of a Unipipe Fitting. Expectations would be that by creating 7000+ PSI that the fittings would fail but not with the Unipipe 360 degree connection, it is the pipe that burst. While we suggest only using the standard air system for applications at 232 PSI or less you can see that the Unipipe Air, Nitro and Vacuum can easily handle 5000 PSI and the Unipipe HP thicker piping wall will take the system beyond 7000 PSI without failure. 

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Unipipe Videos For Installation

The below videos are a great resource for fitting installation instructions and specifics to individual installation processes. For more information on the installation of the Unipipe system view our installation instructions page

Unipipe Videos

A Superior Choice to Conventional “Blue Pipe” Options

Basic Tools

Anyone with a basic set of tools should have what is needed to install Unipipe from 3/4" thru 10" (20mm to 250mm). There is no special grooving, crimping or drilling required.

High Pressure

Unipipe is used for compressed air, nitrogen (and other inert gases), vacuum, high pressure and even oils, coolants, and multi-fluid applications.


Unipipe fittings are compatible with most of the other aluminum systems currently on the market. Contact Unipipe to confirm your compatibility and application.