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There are two Unipipe systems, the standard system is rated for 232 PSI (15 BAR). The Unipipe HP system is rated for 1015 PSI (70 BAR).

232 PSI

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1015 PSI

high pressure piping from air piping systems

The UnipipeHP system has a heavy wall tubing (same outside diameter) and the fittings for the standard UnipipeAiR system and the UnipipeHP system are physically the same. UnipipeHP fittings go through a more rigorous inspection. Also, the UnipipeHP system is only available up to 2-½” (63mm).

Anyone with a basic set of tools should have what is needed to install Unipipe from 3/4″ thru 10″. There is no special grooving, crimping or drilling required.

Unipipe is available in four variations – UnipipeAIR for Compressed Air (also rated for oils and coolants), UnipipeNITRO for Nitrogen and other inert gases, UnipipeVAC for Vacuum, and UnipipeHP for higher pressure needs exceeding 232 PSI. UnipipeHP is rated up to 1015 PSI. UnipipeAIR can also be used for water in some applications.

Unipipe comes in 19.7’ (6m) lengths (19.7′). UnipipeHP comes in 13.1’ (4m) lengths.

Unipipe is typically shipped via LTL common carrier. Depending on the quantity, fittings are shipped via UPS, or LTL common carrier as well. Pipe can be cut down to lengths of 108″ (9′) and shipped via UPS as well if needed. Sending Unipipe via UPS and cut down to 108″ is typically more cost effective way of shipping if just a few lengths are needed, but remember, you may need a few extra couplings to complete your project. 

All Unipipe pipe and fittings are guaranteed against manufacturer’s defects for 20-Years. Unipipe must be installed and supported according to the Unipipe installation instructions for the warranty to be valid.

The proprietary stainless steel Unipipe clamp ring in every fitting, bites into the aluminum pipe (not just the paint) to create a connection that is rated for over 5 times the pressure of other systems. This clamp ring creates 100% contact on 360 degrees around the pipe and tightens further as pressure increases.

Unipipe ships from the main USA distribution warehouse in Schaumburg, IL (near Chicago).

Unipipe has a vast range of male and female threaded adapters as well as flange adapters for fittings 4” (110mm) and larger. The threaded adapters are stocked in NPT thread pitch. Also available in BSP with special order.

Yes, Unipipe fittings and pipe are 100% reusable. Simply loosen the nut and the whole fitting, including the clamp ring, can be used again. Unipipe fittings are also made of recyclable aluminium. Only the o-ring(s) and the plastic identification ring are not recyclable.

We thought you would never ask… This is our favorite! Unipipe is simply the most versatile and secure system on the market today. It installs in less than 50% of the time, provides better air quality, comes with a 20-year warranty and yields the lowest cost of ownership. It is hard to justify using anything else.

Yes, Unipipe fittings are compatible with most any other system currently on the market. (Contact Unipipe to confirm your compatibility and application before ordering).

unipipe frequently asked Questions

You can use any filtration inline with the Unipipe system. If you do not already have filtration we suggest the PneuTech FHO series filters.