About Air Piping Systems

About Air Piping Systems - Unipipe Compressed Air Piping Sales

Air Piping Systems is a supplier of compressed air piping networks and accessories, equipment and tools to build an efficient compressed air system.

Unipipe for Compressed Air

Air piping systems unipipe air sales

for Compressed Air (also rated for oils and coolants) 232 PSI

Unipipe for High Pressure

high pressure piping from air piping systems

for higher pressure needs exceeding 232 PSI

Unipipe for Inert Gas

unipipe nitro for inert gasses

for Nitrogen and other inert gases

Unipipe for Vacuum

unipipe vacuum

for Vacuum applications

Why Air Piping Systems sells Unipipe

Air Piping Systems is based in Tucson, Arizona with additional shipping locations from Unipipe near Chicago, Illinois. We choose to promote the Unipipe system for many reasons but there are advantages that not other system can offer and that is the incredible burst resistance of the Unipipe modular system. That coupled with the HP piping for high pressure applications there is no other aluminum system that can compete. 

The Right Pipe For Compressed Air

Featuring fittings that are 5X more secure and in the widest range of sizes than any piping system. Unipipe comes in 13 sizes, from ¾ to 10”, perfect for compressed air, and also available applications like multi-fluid, vacuum, high pressure, and nitrogen systems.

Unipipe Advantages

Air Piping Systems sells a modular piping system that is very easy to install compared to traditional compressed air piping networks this will result in considerable savings on installations time. 

From 3/4 to 10 inches Unipipe does not require any crimping or grooving that most large diameter piping systems need. With the 360 degree connection, Unipipe fittings are the most secure aluminum piping fitting. 

Fitting Construction

Fittings are constructed to form a 360 degree touch point against the pipe for an ultimate seal. 

No Special Tools Required
Unipipe is a modular aluminum piping system available in a broad range of sizes, pressures, and fittings. The heavy-wall pipe is rated for 1000 PSI and no special tools are required for assembly or installation. All piping and fittings are 100% aluminum. It is available in the broadest range of sizes on the market – ¾” to 10” diameters.