Unipipe Fittings

Unipipe Fittings

Unipipe fittings are an all aluminum construction with a stainless steel clamp ring making them strong and light. No special tooling is required for the quick and easy installation of Unipipe system. All of the Unipipe fittings are completely able to be reused so you don’t have to buy a whole new set of fittings when reconfiguring the system for minor changes.

The Unipipe System come with an unheard of 20 year warranty, doubling that of most of the competition. Rest easy knowing that in the unlikely event of failure Unipipe has your back.

The proprietary stainless steel Unipipe clamp ring in every fitting, bites into the aluminum pipe (not just the paint) to create a connection that is rated for over 5 times the pressure of other systems. This clamp ring creates 100% contact on 360 degrees around the pipe and tightens further as pressure increases.

Fittings are available and color coded for all systems, Unipipe Air, Unipipe High Pressure, Unipipe Vacuum and Unipipe Gas.

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