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For issues arising from the purchase of air compressors, air dryers or filtration please visit our partner that handles those transactions. Make sure that you mention your purchase of Unipipe to Compressor Now Equipment Sales for bundled deals. 

Basic Tools

Anyone with a basic set of tools should have what is needed to install Unipipe from 3/4" thru 10" (20mm to 250mm). There is no special grooving, crimping or drilling required.

High Pressure

Unipipe is used for compressed air, nitrogen (and other inert gases), vacuum, high pressure and even oils, coolants, and multi-fluid applications.


Unipipe fittings are compatible with most of the other aluminum systems currently on the market. Contact Unipipe to confirm your compatibility and application.

The Unipipe aluminum piping system has four main areas of use: compressed air, high pressure, nitrogen and vacuum. If you are not sure what is best for your application contact us for a consult.